Research Studies Reveal The Effect Of Tribal Gaming On The US Economy

Research Studies Reveal The Effect Of Tribal Gaming On The US Economy
American Gaming Association or AGA has issued a study that contains exhaustive details and analysis of each US state and how tribal casinos have created an impact on their economy. Major findings showcase that tribal casinos help boost economic profits.

Meister Economic Consulting is the organization that was commissioned by AGA to conduct the study. This organization has focused on Class II and III tribal gaming impact on state and US economy as a whole.

Major findings from this study can be highlighted as follows:

  • California is seen to have the biggest volume in terms of tribal gaming earnings, as reflected by the tax payments and jobs. Casinos provide a total of $20 billion to the economy of the Golden State where 125000 jobs have been created and an amount of $3.4 billion was raised in revenue share and tax payments to the different government departments.
  • Oklahoma comes in second. Here tribal casinos have helped to create 75000 jobs where $1.6 billion was generated as revenue share and in taxes which leads to a total of $9.6 billion to have been added to the economy of the state
  • Florida comes in third in terms of economic activity when it comes to tribal gaming; tribal casinos added $6.1 billion to state coffers with 46000 jobs having been created and $1.1 billion generated in local taxes, federal and state taxes as well as revenue shares.
  • Upper Midwest is also known to be the hub for such activities; tribal casinos across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan have generated a total of $1.5 billion in federal, local and state taxes as well as in revenue share. This has helped support 78000 jobs and helped to add $10.2 billion to the respective state economies.

Senior vice president in public affairs of American Gaming Association, Sara Slane stated that operators in tribal gaming are found across 28 states which help in generating about half of the revenue that the country sees from gaming. Reports showcase how tribal casinos in different states across the US have a widespread impact on the economy. They are able to create different kinds of job openings, support the local economy by generating revenue and tax payments for both businesses and government departments.

American Gaming Association and Meister Economic Consulting have undergone the second year consecutively in conducting this study on how tribal gaming has created an economic impact. The data on commercial gaming was released by Oxford Economics and this helps to find the impact of casino gaming state by state.

American Gaming Association’s representative, Meister Economic Consulting has studied both the economic as well as fiscal impacts of classes II and II when it comes to tribal gaming across the states as well as US economy as a whole. The study has relied on data that has been obtained from a report on Indian Gaming, 2018 edition where gaming and non-gaming revenue, such as revenue obtained from food, beverages, retail, entertainment, and lodging as well as revenue share and payments to local, federal and tribal organizations have been considered. Gaming data in this segment and for 2016 has also been taken into consideration.

About AGA

This is a national trade group that represents the casino industry across the US. Members here include gaming suppliers, commercial and tribal operators, and others. Its mission is to achieve regulations and policies consistent with economic potential and appeal of casino gaming.