New Campaign Launched By FanDuel Involving Halftime Quitter Vontae Davis

Vontae Davis

If you have been following this NFL season closely, you would be aware of the halftime quitting by Vontae Davis during the week 2 game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Buffalo Bills. There was a serious halftime pep talk given by Ray Lewis to the Bills players who were trailing very badly at 28-6 during the break. Davis did not like this and he walked off the building. It looked like he had gone into oblivion and there is no coming back for him at the NFL or any football for that matter.

But, fans of Vontae Davis can get to see him again as he will be involved with FanDuel in the fantasy football. It looks like he will be scoring a lot of points in the first week than what his entire Bills team had scored all season. It was announced on Monday that FanDuel will be showing Davis as the centerpiece for a huge multichannel campaign. It will comprise social media, television, and satellite apart from a new TV spot for 30 seconds. It is that time of the season when the fantasy football is all set to close down. But, FanDuel is letting the world know that there is more of it left. A release from FanDuel said that there are many enthusiastic fantasy players worried that their dream of making it to the fantasy league playoffs is slowly fading away, but this does not mean that they need to stop playing it totally.

It further reads that FanDuel has entered into a partnership with All-Pro cornerback Davis to encourage the fans to know that it is not a big issue to walk away from the fantasy football league and can start on a fresh note at FanDuel. If Davis has made an Irish exit from football, he is making a SWAT entrance into the fantasy league. The Fan Duel has used this story of Davis to promote and boost their fantasy league campaign. It looks like Davis also has taken a huge liking to this campaign that has been running commercials for over three weeks now.

A statement released by Davis said that he is well aware of the seriousness that the owners have on their fantasy league teams. It would not be easy for them to accept defeat. Now, they can overcome the problems and make a fresh start through FanDuel and still make it to the top of the league. There are times when you need to know the right time to walk away.  The FanDuel Group CMO, Mike Raffensperger, is all praises for Vontae Davis. He said that Davis has a great sense of humor and this shows how fearless he is. It was a very big decision that he has made in his life and he is bold enough to add a fun quotient to it. This is now the trending topic on social media. There were plenty of responses posted all over the social media. Some of the users said that Davis is not an All-Pro at all. Many of the fans of NFL and the fantasy league have taken this whole campaign of Fan Duel involving Davis as a waste of time.

Some of the responses on the social media like I quit halfway through it, looking forward to quitting FanDuel now, etc., are all in circulation condemning the attitude of Davis. Despite all these negatives, the campaign by Fan Duel featuring Vontae Davis has struck the right chord. It has brought Davis back into the limelight. He is now more popular and victorious than the Buffalo Bills team. There may be plenty of ifs and buts and lots of loose talks about a professional doing the rounds when he or she takes serious decisions in his or her playing career. Some might benefit from it and others would regret the decision taken in haste.

It looks like the decision to walk away from the building during the halftime of an NFL game has only done a world of good for Davis. It is the second best decision of his life.