Lucky Day Collaborates With LA Clippers

Lucky Day Collaborates With LA Clippers

Lucky Day is loved across the gambling community and now it has spread its presence among the sports fans as well.

Lucky Day is a lifestyle app that is popular and it has formed a partnership with LA Clippers. This is their first partnership with an NBA team. As a result of this collaboration Clippers and Lucky Day would offer unique experiences in the game day which would help fans of Clipper to get luck added to their days.

Users are offered the opportunity to play on raffles, daily scratches, and lottery which are risk-free on this app. The app has been popular with these offerings for a while now. CEO of the company, Joshua Javaheri states that the policy aim is to give everyone a little luck so that they experience happiness every time they win. Nothing is more important than seeing smiles on people’s faces when they win. Being part of Clippers family would help the app provide several winning moments to the users. 

The common goal shared between LA Clippers and Lucky Day is to ensure that fans experience an energetic and exceptional experience with possibilities of wins. Clippers fans would get the best experience every time they interact with the team and attend the games. The app would help create different moments for the fans and help all LA fans to experience the excitement, whether they are at a game or on other days as well.

The partnership would include social media activation and digital, signage for game day, fan promotions on court and hospitality aspects to engage fans. 

Lucky Day is rated high on Google Play and App Store. It is number one on App Store and top 5 app in Google Play which makes it a sweepstakes app favored by many for raffles, scratchers, lottery wins on daily basis for subscribers to try. The Mission of Lucky Day is to provide everyone chances for winning jackpot amount of $100,000 which is said to be risk-free. Daily winners have been awarded prizes in millions. 

LA Clippers is led by Steve Ballmer who is Chairman. This team is now in their 49th season, as of 2018-19 and covering 35th stance in Los Angeles. A franchise record has been extended by them as they have completed their seventh season in wins that started in 2017-18. The fifth best record has been logged by the team for NBA and this has taken place during the five-year tenure of Doc Rivers. Clippers is committed to LA and also does much work through the LA Clippers Foundation. Opportunities and resources that this organization provided help to create a positive difference toward leveling the playing field for youngsters across Southern California.